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The Sign of the Cross
Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer
Author: Bert Ghezzi


Author: Bert Ghezzi
ISBN: 9781685780326
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 110
Publisher: Word on Fire
Dimensions: 5 x 7
Language: English
Release Date: 2023-01-03

Discover the Surprising History of the Sign of the Cross and Learn the Spiritual Benefits of This Simple But Profound Gesture

About the Book

The sign of the cross finds its roots in the earliest centuries of the Church and is used today by millions of Christians worldwide. But it is all too easy to make this sign in a routine and superficial way at the beginning and end of a prayer, failing to recognize its true significance.

In The Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer, Bert Ghezzi reminds us that the sign of the cross is a prayer in itself—one that bears great spiritual power. This simple but profound gesture, Ghezzi affirms, opens us to God, renews our Baptism, and acts as a mark of Christian discipleship, one that repels the devil and helps us to resist our self-indulgence and tendency toward sin.

About the Author

Bert Ghezzi is a popular author and speaker. He has written twenty books, including Voices of the Saints,Mystics and Miracles, and, most recently, Prayers to the Holy Spirit and The Power of Daily Mass. Hundreds of Bert’s articles have appeared in the Catholic and religious press. Bert has seven adult children and seventeen grandchildren. He is an active member of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church and lives near the church in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

What People are Saying

“As we accumulate years, the movement of grace most often challenges us to unclutter our life in God. The invitation is not to search for what is trendy and novel but to dive deeper into the tried and true. Bert Ghezzi’s short but immensely rich Sign of the Cross leads us to do just that. This simplest of prayers that most of us learned as children calls us at every repetition to enter into the heart of our Baptism and claim the power of the cross and Resurrection right where we are. What could be more grace-filled and powerful than that?”

Fr. Brad A. Milunski, OFM Conv., Rector, Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Chicopee, Massachusetts

“In his inimitable way, bestselling author Bert Ghezzi examines what seems to be a small, humble thing and reveals it to be in fact an immense, magnificent thing. The Sign of the Cross connects the dots for us between a familiar sacramental and a number of beautiful, powerful aspects of our life with God. Read this book, and you’ll come to treasure in a whole new way this ancient and profound gesture of faith.”

Paul Thigpen, author of The Life of Saint Joseph as Seen by the Mystics

“Bert Ghezzi has placed the jewel of the prayer of the sign of the cross in a setting that reveals its beauty, inspiration, and holy energy.”

Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Praem., author of Essentials of the Faith and Images of Jesus

“Though brief in pages, this book is long on wisdom and insight. It deepened my experience of praying the sign of the cross.”

Johnette Benkovic Williams, EWTN host and Founder and Director of Women of Grace

“Bert Ghezzi’s insights into the spiritual life are often shrewd, and his enthusiasm for this ‘easy spiritual discipline’ may prove to be contagious—powerfully so.”

First Things

“A helpful handbook for readers eager to explore their own spiritual practice more deeply. Readers already interested in the subject, particularly those from liturgical traditions, will find Ghezzi’s combination of biblical scholarship, Church tradition, and common sense both informative and appealing.”

Publishers Weekly

“Using Scripture, Church teachings, and his own prayer life, Ghezzi describes how the sign of the cross offers an opening to God, a renewal of Baptism, a mark of discipleship, an acceptance of suffering, a defense against the devil, and a victory over self-indulgence.”

Notre Dame Magazine

“In this helpful resource, Bert Ghezzi, a Catholic writer, discusses the meaning of making the sign of the cross according to Scripture, Church teaching, the writings of the Church Fathers, the testimony of the saints, theology books, and his own personal experience.”

Spirituality and Health


CHAPTER ONE - Recovering the Power of the Ancient Sign

CHAPTER TWO - A Short History of the Sign of the Cross

CHAPTER THREE - An Opening to God

CHAPTER FOUR - A Renewal of Baptism

CHAPTER FIVE - A Mark of Discipleship

CHAPTER SIX - An Acceptance of Suffering

CHAPTER SEVEN - A Defense Against the Devil

CHAPTER EIGHT - A Victory Over Self-Indulgence

CONCLUSION - Graces and Choices