Seeds of the Word
By Robert Barron

Since the first century, Christians have detected “seeds of the Word" in the surrounding culture. No matter how charred or distorted the fragments, we can always uncover inklings of the Gospel, which can then lead people to God. Through this evocative collection of essays, Bishop Robert Barron finds those “seeds" in today's most popular films, books, and current events.

How do Superman, Gran Torino, and The Hobbit illuminate the figure of Jesus? How does Bob Dylan convey the prophetic overtones of Jeremiah and Isaiah? Where can we detect the ripple of original sin in politics, sports, and the Internet culture?

Finding the “seeds of the Word" requires a new vision. This book will train you to see.


Author: Robert Barron
ISBN: 978-0-9885245-9-0
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 188
Publisher: Word on Fire

Language: English
Release Date: 2016-03-16






Kierkegaard, Woody Allen, and the Secret to Lasting Joy 

Angels, Demons, and Modern Fantasies about Catholicism 

The Stoning of Soraya M. and the Figure of Christ 

District 9 and the Biblical Attitude Toward the other 

The Coen Brothers and the Voice from the Whirlwind 

The Dangerous Silliness of Agora 

Eat, Pray, Love 

True Grit and the Everlasting Arms 

Why Exorcism Films Still Fascinate 

The Remarkably Bad Theology of The Adjustment Bureau 

Of Gods and Men 

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Dangers of Consequentialism 

Moneyball and Spiritual Leadership 

The Ides of March and the Danger of Idolatry 

The Hunger Games: A Prophecy? 

Viva El Cristo Rey! 

Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, and the God-Man 

Still Another Cinematic Christ 

Woody Allen, Moralist 

Victor Hugo's Retelling of the Gospel 

The Preachings of F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Superman, General Zod, and God 

World War Z and the Council of Trent 

Noah: A Postmodern Midrash 

The Fault in Our Stars and the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Hercules, N.T. Wright, and the Modern Meta-Narrative 

The Giver and the Fading Memory of Christianity 


The Pathos of Liberal Catholicism 

What Should Catholics Make of Eckhart Tolle? 

Ends and Means and The Audacity to Hope 

The Apocalypse of Robert Hugh Benson

A Catholic Reads The Shack A Tale of Two Hitchenses 

The Last Acceptable Prejudice Rides Again 

One More Swing at the Catholic Straw-Man 

The Gospel According to The Hobbit 

The City Upon a Hill and an Almost Chosen People 

Why Faith is Indeed a Light 

Debunking the Debunker 

Why Jesus is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman 



Tolerance, Choice, Argument, and Religion 

Seeing Political Corruption with Biblical Eyes

The Fetishism of Dialogue 

In Whom Do We Place Our Trust? 

Why It Matters That Our Democracy Trusts in God 

A Nation Under God, a Nation That Keeps the Sabbath 

"Reduction to a Singleton" and the Sovereignty of Choice 

Why It's Okay to Be Against Heresy and for Imposing One's Will on Others 

The Great Both/And of Catholic Social Teaching 

Gay Marriage and the Breakdown of Moral Argument 

Why Anti-Catholic Prejudice Ought to Bother Everyone         


We Have Here No Lasting City 

The Task of the Next Generation

Allowing the Mask to Slip 

Where are the "Nones" Coming From? 

Covering Up the Name of Jesus 

A Secular Europe and the Mission of the Church 

Why Is Everyone Crazy About Vampires? 

Judge Judy, Simon Cowell, and the Lord God 

Reading the Scandal with Biblical Eyes 

Biblical Wisdom for Troubled Times 

Creative Nonviolence 

The Spiritual Value of the BP Oil Leak 

Muslims, Christians, and Secularists Kenneth Clark and the Danger of Heroic Materialism 

Bob Dylan in China 

Celebrating the Death of bin Laden? 

Why Are So Many Atheists on the CNN Belief Blog? 


The Acts We Perform, the People We Become If You Want to Be a Good Person, It Does Matter What You Believe 

Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens 

Andrew Sullivan's Nonthreatening Jesus 

How to Solve the Bully Problem

Savvy Headhunters and the Hookup Culture 

Sex, Love, and God: The Catholic Answer to Puritanism and Nietzcheanism 

The Adventures of Classical Morality 

Sympathy for the Devil 

Your Life Is Not About You 

Hannah Arendt's Moral Lesson 

Cosmos and One More Telling of the Tired Myth 

Bill Maher and Not Understanding Either Faith or the Bible 

Attack on Christians in the Middle East 

The Modern Areopagus