Catholic Social Teaching Collection
By Various

Catholic social teaching—when it is not distorted or misrepresented—is famously confounding to the pundits and politicos, both left and right. How can the Catholic Church simultaneously advocate against abortion and assisted suicide but for immigration reform and attention to the poor? How can it stand against the abuse of the environment and for the free market, against the death penalty and for the family?

This unique Word on Fire Classics collection aims to bring the both/and of the Church’s social teaching into sharp relief. That teaching comes roaring out of the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament, into the writings of the Church Fathers, and down through the Church’s encyclicals and in the writings of the saints. The Catholic Social Teaching Collection encompasses all of these different dimensions of the Church’s history.

But its purpose is not just to reveal the ethical and historical breadth of Catholic social teaching; it is to reveal its metaphysical heart—namely, God. With God out of the picture, it is indeed hard to make sense of the array of opinions the Church holds. But with God at the heart of things, the positions fall into harmony, much like the medallions in a rose window. If God exists, then every individual person is a subject of rights, freedom, and dignity. If God exists, then no one is expendable and everyone is equally worthy of respect.

Author: Various
ISBN: 978-1-943243-66-2
Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 468
Publisher: Word on Fire Classics

Language: English
Release Date: 2021-03-22





CHAPTER 1 Sublimis Deus (Full Text) 

On the Enslavement and Evangelization of the Indians

CHAPTER 2 Rerum Novarum (Full Text) 

The Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor

CHAPTER 3 Quadragesimo Anno (Excerpt) 

On the Reconstruction of Social Order

CHAPTER 4 Mater et Magistra (Excerpt) 

On Christianity and Social Progress

CHAPTER 5 Pacem in Terris (Excerpt) 

On Establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice,

Charity, and Liberty

CHAPTER 6 Dignitatis Humanae (Full Text) 

On the Right of the Person and of Communities to

Social and Civil Freedom in Matters Religious

CHAPTER 7 Gaudium et Spes (Excerpt) 

On the Church in the Modern World

CHAPTER 8 Populorum Progressio (Excerpt) 

On the Development of Peoples

CHAPTER 9 Octogesima Adveniens (Excerpt) 

On the Eightieth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum

CHAPTER 10 Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (Excerpt) 

The Concern of the Church for the Social Order

CHAPTER 11 Centesimus Annus (Full Text) 

On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum

CHAPTER 12 Evangelium Vitae (Excerpt) 

On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life

CHAPTER 13 Caritas in Veritate (Excerpt) 

On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth

CHAPTER 14 Laudato Si’ (Excerpt) 

On Care for Our Common Home