St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)

  • St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)
  • St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)
  • St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)
  • St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)
  • St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)

St. Augustine & St. Benedict - Leader's Kit (DVD)



  • 2-Disc DVD set (120 min total)
  • Leader Guide (includes facilitator's how-to guide, the complete Study Guide, and the suggested responses to questions)
  • 40 prayer cards

Recommended for study programs of 4 or 5 sessions.

This Leader's Kit includes everything you need to host a CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players - St. Augustine & St. Benedict study program. Please note that you will need to purchase the Study Guides separately. Bulk discounts of 15% are included for quantities of 20 or more.  

The Leader Guide includes extensive commentary on the theological content of each episode of Bishop Barron's film series, plus a variety of questions and their suggested responses. The “Questions for Understanding” incorporate references from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to build upon topics featured in the series. The “Questions for Application” assist in reflecting on the ways in which Bishop Barron’s message is relevant to our lives and experiences.

The Leader’s Guide includes a Facilitator’s Guide, all 4 lessons that are in the participant’s Study Guide, and an Answer Key for the Questions for Understanding.  The Facilitator’s Guide explains in detail how to plan, promote, and present the study. All study coordinators or group facilitators can also register for free training webinars.  

For group study, each session should include video viewing and group discussion of Study Guide questions. Participants are to read the commentary in the study guide and prepare the questions before the small group discussion. This preparation can be accomplished either before or after viewing the video.

CATHOLICISM:  The Pivotal Players is a multi-part series that illumines a handful of saints, artists, mystics, and scholars who not only shaped the life of the Church but changed the course of western civilization.  This short study focuses on two incredible saints from the fourth and fifth centuries:  St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Benedict of Nursia. 

St. Augustine
The Teacher

St. Augustine, the Teacher, is possibly the best example of how faith in Christ changed a person. Augustine’s narrative of personal transformation in his book Confessions provides a template for life in Christ that still rings true today.

St. Benedict

The Monk

Many would argue that St. Benedict, the Monk, contributed more to saving western Christian culture than anyone else.  Born just after Rome fell, Benedict founded the religious community that would, in time, preserve the best of the old and allow for the emergence of an authentic, Christian way of life.

Join Bishop Barron as he traces the lives and contributions of these two pivotal saints.


1) St. Augustine - 59 min

2) St. Benedict - 61 min

Also Includes: 
  • 40 prayer cards (20 of each Pivotal Player)

Each card contains the same prayer written especially for this program, plus an original watercolor portrait of one of the Pivotal Players painted by artist Jonathan Sundy. These prayers foster growth in the virtues expressed by each of these champions of the faith. These are perfect for use in study sessions, family prayer, or to carry for personal prayer to foster growth. 

St. Benedict Preview

St. Augustine Preview

Number of Sessions: 5
Duration of Each Session: 90 minutes
Program Flow:
There are two options for presenting this program in five sessions as summarized in the chart below.
Option #1 requires individual preparation before viewing the film lesson, while Option #2 requires individual preparation after viewing the film lesson. Both options conclude with the discussion group in each lesson.
Each Session Includes Time For:
1. Gathering and Opening (5-10 minutes)
2. Video Viewing (25-40 minutes)
3. Discussion Groups (60 minutes)
4. Closing Prayer (5-10 minutes)