Conversion Leader's Kit

$55.21 $64.95
  • Conversion Leader's Kit
  • Conversion Leader's Kit

Conversion Leader's Kit

$55.21 $64.95


  • 1-Disc DVD set (120 min total)
  • Leader Guide (Includes facilitator's how-to guide, the complete study guide, and the suggested responses to questions)
  • 40 Conversion Prayer Cards (Featuring Psalm 51)

Recommended for study programs of 6 or 7 sessions, 60-90 mins each

This Leader's Kit includes everything you need to host a Conversion study program. Please note that you will need to purchase the Study Guides separately. Bulk discounts of 15% are included for quantities of 20 or more.  

The Leader Guide includes extensive commentary on the theological content of each episode of Bishop Barron's Conversion film series, plus a variety of questions and their suggested responses. The “Questions for Understanding” incorporate references from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to build upon topics featured in the series. The “Questions for Application” assist in reflecting on the ways in which Bishop Barron’s message is relevant to our lives and experiences.

The Leader’s Guide includes a Facilitator’s Guide, all six lessons that are in the participant’s Study Guide, and an Answer Key for the Questions for Understanding.  The Facilitator’s Guide explains in detail how to plan, promote, and present the study. All study coordinators or group facilitators can also register for free training webinars.  

For group study, each session should include video viewing and group discussion of Study Guide questions. Participants are to read the commentary in the study guide and prepare the questions before the small group discussion. This preparation can be accomplished either before or after viewing the video.

In this film and study program, Bishop Robert Barron illuminates six biblical stories of conversion, demonstrating how six ordinary people, just like you, were met by Jesus where they were and called to a better life through him.

The common theme in each story is the turning of all one's attention and energy toward an ever deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

English and Spanish audio/subtitle options


1. Introduction - 2:18

2. Bartimaeus - 17:43

3. The Rich Young Man - 19:24

4. Matthew - 17:44

5. Jonah - 20:43

6. The Woman at the Well - 20:36

7. The Journey of the Magi - 21:38


Coming soon!

Study individually or in a Group

You can watch the DVD and then probe more deeply into Bishop Barron’s message by using the companion Study Guide, which is divided into sections that correspond to each part of Father's presentation. The Study Guide was written by Catholic author Amy Welborn, under the direction and approval of Bishop Barron.

Each section provides “Questions for Understanding" based on the DVD presentation and references from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and “Questions for Reflection" that help you reflect on how the material is relevant to your own life and experience.

For group study, you can present the program in eight 90-minute sessions. Each session includes DVD viewing and small group discussion of Study Guide questions.  Participants should prepare the questions on their own after viewing the DVD but before the small group discussion.

The Leader’s Kit provides essential resources for group discussion leaders including the DVD, lessons, facilitator guide, answer key and prayer cards. In addition, leaders can access free, downloadable promotional materials and other tools using the “Support Materials” tab above.


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