And Now I See
By Robert Barron

“All I know is I was blind, and now I see.” These words from the Gospel of John—spoken by a man born blind after being healed by Jesus—guide this rich theological investigation from Bishop Robert Barron into the meaning of Christian transformation. 

In And Now I See: A Theology of Transformation, Bishop Barron blends insights from the theological and literary traditions to show that metanoia, or conversion to God, revealed in Christ, is about transforming the mind and soul—from a mind of fear to a mind of trust, and from a pusilla anima (small soul) to a magna anima (great soul)—and that theology itself supports this transformation. But he also shows that this change conduces not just to a new way of believing or thinking but to a new way of being.
Author: Robert Barron
ISBN: 978-1-943243-80-8
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Word on Fire Academic
Dimensions: 14 x 11 x .25
Language: English
Release Date: 2021-07-12


PRELUDE: Change Your Way of Seeing

PART ONE: The Riven Self

Chapter 1 - The Mind of Fear
Chapter 2- Originating Sin

Chapter 3- The Doctrine of Original Sin

Chapter 4 - The Mind of Trust

Chapter 5- The Imago in Fullness and Emptiness

PART TWO: The Uncanny God

Chapter 6 - No Grasping, No Hiding
Chapter 7- The Serenity and the Creativity of God

Chapter 8- The Self-Sufficiency and the Lowliness of God

Chapter 9 - The Lordliness and the Lowliness of God

Chapter 10- Love

PART THREE: The Healing

Chapter 11 - Jesus the Judge
Chapter 12 - Jesus the Paradigm of the New Humanity

Chapter 13 - Jesus the Revealer of the True God

Conclusion - To Light a Fire on the Earth


With this book Robert Barron enters the front ranks of contemporary American Catholic theologians."

—Andrew Greeley

Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona and the University of Chicago

I have reviewed many books over the past thirty years. I have learned from most, admired many, and deeply appreciated some. But of relatively few was I moved to think, 'This is a book I'd love to have written.' Well, Robert Barron's And Now I See is a book I would love to have written. It is a splendid and enchanting work.

—Fr. Robert Imbelli

Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology at Boston College

Robert Barron, an inspired writer, illuminates the teachings of ‘the great tradition,’ showing how they coalesce with the best literary witnesses to liberate us to our true selves. His reflections range from the philosophical to the poetic, themselves inspired by the riches of the tradition they unearth.

—David Burrell

Theodore Hesburgh Professor Emeritus in Philosophy and Theology at University of Notre Dame

“The reading of this book is like a guided visit to some vast treasure house where we are invited to explore the rich heritage of Christian thought. With the eyes of artists and the insights of poets, we walk with saints, philosophers, and theologians, challenged to move from blindness and fear to freedom and vision through Christ. At the end of the visit, we realized that we have actually begun, with renewed energy and enthusiasm, a journey—a pilgrimage—along the path of faith and conversation, trust and love. This is a book 'for all seasons'!”

—Sr. Agnes Cunningham, SSCM