Ignatian Collection
By Ignatius of Loyola, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Francis Xavier, Foreword by Robert Barron Edited by Holly Ordway and Daniel Seseske

The translation used was done by Louis J. Puhl, SJ. 

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam (To the greater glory of God) is the motto associated with St. Ignatius of Loyola and the religious order that he founded, the Society of Jesus. Semper maior (Always more, always greater) is a pithier version of the adage. Both capture the spirit of Ignatius: restless, moving ever-onward, unsatisfied with the quality of his relationship with the Lord, always convinced that the divine love could be answered by a more expansive fidelity on his part. His passion to become a dashing courtier, a courageous and celebrated soldier, and an advisor to royalty became, under the influence of grace, a passion to serve Christ—all the way, holding nothing back. He effected this influence first through the establishment of the Jesuit order, which even in Ignatius’ lifetime had become a powerful force in Europe and beyond and which today spans the globe; and second, through his masterpiece the Spiritual Exercises, which for the past five centuries has taught people how to commune with God and to find true freedom.

This distinctive Word on Fire Classics collection offers a wide-ranging look at the life and writings of Ignatius of Loyola and those inspired by his Jesuit movement. An introduction by Bishop Robert Barron draws readers into the classic Spiritual Exercises. That’s followed by a collection of poems from Gerard Manley Hopkins, helpfully annotated by Dr. Holly Ordway, and a selection of letters by the great Jesuit missionary St. Francis Xavier, introduced by Bert Ghezzi. The Ignatian Collection is a rich encounter with a pivotal player who changed the world and elevated the Church.

Author: Ignatius of Loyola, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Francis Xavier, Foreword by Robert Barron Edited by Holly Ordway and Daniel Seseske
ISBN: 978-1-943243-68-6
Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 367
Publisher: Word on Fire Classics

Language: English
Release Date: 2021-04-05




 Introduction by Bishop Robert Barron 3 

Translator’s Preface 9 

The Prayer: Soul of Christ 13 

Introductory Observations 15 

Title of the Exercises 22 

Presupposition 22 

First Principle and Foundation 22 

First Week 25 

Daily Particular Examination of Conscience 25 

Additional Directions for Examination of Conscience 26 

Note 26 

General Examination of Conscience 27 

Thoughts 27 

Words 27

Deeds 29 

Method 30 

General Confession and Communion 30

First Exercise on the First, Second, and Third Sin 31

Note on Colloquies 34 

Second Exercise, A Meditation on Our Sins 34

Third Exercise, A Repetition of the First and Second 35

Fourth Exercise, A Summary of the Third 36

Fifth Exercise, A Meditation on Hell 36 

(Other Exercises) 38 

Note 38 

Additional Directions 38 

Penance 40 

Notes 41 

The Kingdom of Christ 43 

Notes 45 

First Day, First Contemplation, the Incarnation 47 

First Day, Second Contemplation, the Nativity 49

 First Day, Third Contemplation, Repetition of the First and Second 50 

First Day, Fourth Contemplation, Second Repetition 50 

First Day, Fifth Contemplation, Application of Senses 50

 Notes 51

 Second Day 52

Note 53 

Third Day 53 

Introduction to the Consideration of Different States of Life 53 

Fourth Day, A Meditation on Two Standards 54 

Note 56 

Fourth Day, Three Classes of Men 56 

Note 57 

Fifth Day 58 

Notes 58 

Sixth to Twelfth Day 58–59 

Notes 59 

Three Kinds of Humility 60 

Note 61 

Introduction to Making a Choice of a Way of Life 61 

Matters About Which a Choice Should Be Made 62 

Note 63 

Three Times When a Correct and Good Choice May Be Made 63 

Two Ways of Making a Good Choice in the Third Time 64 

First Way of Making a Good and Correct Choice 64 

Second Way of Making a Good and Correct Choice 65 

Directions for the Reformation of One’s Life 66 

Third Week 67 

Third Week 67 

First Day, First Contemplation 67

 Note on Colloquies 68 First Day, Second Contemplation 69 

Notes 69

 Second to Seventh Day 70–71 

Note 72 

Rules with Regard to Eating 72 

Fourth Week 75 

First Contemplation 75 

Notes 76 

Contemplation to Attain Love of God 79 

Take, Lord, and Receive 80

Three Methods of Prayer 83 

The First Method of Prayer 83

 I. On the Commandments 83 

II. On the Capital Sins 84 

III. On the Three Powers of the Soul 85

 IV. On the Five Senses 85

 The Second Method of Prayer 85

 The Third Method of Prayer 86

 Mysteries of the Life of Our Lord 89 

Mysteries of the Life of Our Lord 89

 Rules 109 

Rules for the Discernment of Spirits 109 

I. For the First Week 109 

II. For the Second Week 113 

Rules for the Distribution of Alms 116

Some Notes on Scruples 118 

Rules for Thinking with the Church 120 

Notes on the Translation 125


Notes by Holly Ordway Introduction by Holly Ordway 157 
About the Text and Notes 175 

Spring 177 

God’s Grandeur 179 

The May Magnificat 181 

As kingfishers catch fire 187 

Thou art indeed just, Lord 189 

The Starlight Night 191 

The Windhover 193 

Spring and Fall 195 

Carrion Comfort 197 

No worst, there is none 199 

I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day 201 

To seem the stranger lies my lot 203 

Patience 205 

My own heart let me have more pity on 207 

Peace 209 

Pied Beauty 211 

Hurrahing in Harvest 213

 The Sea and the Skylark 215

 Inversnaid 217 

The Lantern out of Doors 219 

Duns Scotus’s Oxford 221 

Binsey Poplars 223 

The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breathe 225

The Wreck of the Deutschland 235 

Morning Midday and Evening Sacrifice 261

Heaven-Haven 263 

The Habit of Perfection 265 

In honour of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez, Laybrother of the Society of Jesus 269 

The Bugler’s First Communion 271 

At the Wedding March 277 

Felix Randal 279 

That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection 281 

Adoro Te Devote 285


Introduction by Bert Ghezzi 291 

Here I am, Lord, I Come to Do Your Will 295 

Proclaim Repentance and Forgiveness to All Nations 299 

These Signs Will Accompany Those Who Believe 305 

The Harvest Is Plentiful, But the Laborers Are Few 309 

Those Who Lose Their Life Will Find It 323 

How Are They to Believe in Him of Whom They Have Not Heard? 327 

Make Me to Know Your Ways, O Lord; Teach Me Your Paths 331 

Bring My Sons from Far Away, and My Daughters from the End of the Earth 339 

When You Come to Serve the Lord, Prepare Yourself for Trials 343 

All the Nations Shall Glorify Your Name 353